Configuring Powerproject Vision

The Admin page provides links to the various pages that you use to configure Powerproject Vision.

To access the Admin page from the Powerproject Vision Home page, click Admin.

Configuration option Description
Site Settings Configure a number of settings that affect the way in which Powerproject Vision works.
Project Grid Columns Specify which fields should be displayed as columns on the Projects page - the page that displays a list of your projects - and as read-only fields on the pages that you use to create projects and edit their properties.
Project Grid Filters Specify which user-defined enumerations should be displayed as drop-down menus above the list of projects on the Projects page. You can display up to five user-defined enumerations on the Projects page, and use them to filter the projects that are displayed in the list on that page.
Action Order Specify the order in which workflow actions appear on the Project page - the page that appears when you edit a project and its programmes.
Add Existing Project Add a project that already exists in Powerproject to Powerproject Vision, rather than using Powerproject Vision to create a project and its programmes from scratch.
Enumerations Create, edit and delete user-defined enumerations, which are lists of values that are grouped under a given name.
Project UDFs Define your own fields, to be used at project level, to store whatever information you like.
Programme UDFs Define your own fields, to be used at programme level, to store whatever information you like.
User UDFs Define your own fields, to be used at user level, to store whatever information you like.
User roles Create, edit and delete user roles, which define the actions that users can carry out in Powerproject Vision.
Programme types Create, edit and delete programme types, which define the different categories of programme that you work with.
Security rules Configure rules that determine the actions that users are able to carry out in Powerproject Vision.
Workflow rules Configure rules that describe actions in the Powerproject Vision workflow.
Email rules Configure rules that determine which users are notified when certain events occur in Powerproject Vision.
Programme templates Upload *.PP files for use as templates when creating the first programme in a new project; rename and delete programme templates.
Quality checks Upload *.JSON quality check files that have been created in Powerproject, which can then be applied to programme types; rename and delete quality check files.

The options on this page are organised in the order in which it is recommended you configure Powerproject Vision; the configuration options at the top of the page are optional.

With the exception of the four configuration options that appear along the top of the page, a number appears to the left of each configuration option. This number indicates the number of items that have been set up for each option. For example, a 12 next to Security rules indicates that twelve security rules have been set up; a 4 next to Programme templates indicates that four files have been uploaded for use as programme templates.