Configuring project grid columns

You use the Project Grid Columns page to specify which fields should be displayed as columns on the Projects page - the page that displays a list of your projects and programmes - and on the Portfolio Overview page - the page that displays projects and programmes as a bar chart. The fields appear in the order in which they are selected on this page.

Some of the fields you can select display project-related data; others display programme-related data. If you choose to display a programme-related field, information from the latest programme is displayed in rows that relate to projects on the Projects page. For example, if you choose to display the 'Status' field - which relates to programmes - the status of the project's latest programme is displayed against the project on the Projects page.

The list of fields from which you can choose comprises the fields from the Business Intelligence schema and any project-level user-defined fields that have been set up.

To access the Project Grid Columns page from the Asta Vision Home page, click Admin then click Project Grid Columns.

To specify which fields you want to appear as columns on the Projects and Portfolio Overview pages:

  1. In the first column of a row on the Project Grid Columns page, select the field that you want to display.
  2. In the second column of the row, enter a descriptive name for the field. This name will appear as the title of the corresponding column on the Projects and Portfolio Overview pages.
  3. Click Save to save your settings and return to the Admin page.

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