Working with quality checks

You use the Quality Checks page to create quality checks, and to edit and delete the quality checks once they have been created. Quality checks are Powerproject library items that contain a set of user-definable metrics that you can use to monitor the quality of a schedule. You can use quality checks to monitor certain aspects of your Powerproject Vision programmes. For example, you could use a quality check to check that all tasks are resourced or costed; or to check that all tasks have a unique name; or to check that the critical path runs from the start to the finish of the project; or to check any combination of these - and other - metrics.

Refer to the 'Checking the quality of your schedules' section of the Powerproject Help for detailed information about quality checks.

Once you have set up a quality check in one project, you can export its metrics into a *.JSON file, then upload the file to Powerproject Vision to create a corresponding quality check in Powerproject Vision and specify 'pass' and 'fail' percentages for it. You can then apply the quality check to one or more programme types.

Once you have applied a quality check to a programme type, the quality check is downloaded automatically when you download or check out a programme of that type. It appears in Library Explorer's Quality Check library as a quality check called 'Vision Quality Check', with an object ID of 999. You can execute this quality check at any time when a programme is downloaded or checked out, but you cannot delete or edit the quality check in Powerproject; its quality metrics and 'pass' and 'fail' percentages are derived from the quality check settings in Powerproject Vision.

The quality check is executed automatically each time a user checks in or attempts to submit a programme of this type. Users can check in a programme regardless of whether or not it fails the quality check. When you apply a quality check to a programme type, you specify whether users are able to submit a programme that fails the quality check. Either:

Once a programme has been checked in or submitted for the first time, a Quality field appears against it on the Project page, displaying the quality check result in percentage terms, and an icon to show whether the programme has passed (a tick in a green circle) or failed (an exclamation mark in a red circle) the quality check.

If you have applied a quality check to a programme type, it is not possible to check programmes of that type in or out using the Powerproject Vision website; you must check them in and out using Powerproject.

The quality checks are displayed in a list. If you have a large number of quality checks, the list spans more than one page and you can move between the different pages to view all your quality checks. You can also filter and sort the quality checks in the list and change the width of columns in the list.

To access the Quality Checks page from the Powerproject Vision Home page, click Admin then click Quality checks.

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