Configuring workflow rules

You use the Workflow Rules page to configure rules that describe actions in the Powerproject Vision workflow.

To access the Workflow Rules page from the Powerproject Vision Home page, click Admin then click Workflow rules.

You can configure workflow rules to reflect the way in which you work. Each workflow rule can carry out one or more of the following actions when it is performed:

  • Change the status of the current programme to a particular value.
  • Change the status of the whole project to a particular value.
  • Change the value of a programme-level user-defined field.
  • Create a programme of a specified type, if one does not already exist.
  • Create a baseline of the current programme.
  • Change the progress status of the current programme.
  • Prompt for a new name and description for the current programme to be entered.
  • Prompt for a comment to be entered against the current programme, and optionally for a file to be saved with the comment.
  • Clear a comment that was previously entered against the current programme.
  • Extract Business Intelligence data from the latest revision of the programme and baseline.

The workflow rules that have been set up are categorised by programme status on the Workflow Rules page.

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