Configuring user roles

You use the Roles page to create, edit and delete user roles, which define the actions that users can carry out in Asta Vision. The user roles are displayed in a list. You can filter and sort the user roles in the list and change the width of columns in the list.

To access the Roles page from the Asta Vision Home page, click Admin then click User roles.

Each user must be assigned at least one user role; they can be assigned more than one user role. You should create a user role for each different type of Asta Vision user. For example, if you have three different types of user - administrators, managers and planners - you should create one user role for each. Once you have created the user roles that you need, you can define rules to determine the actions that users of each role can carry out and the events about which users of each role should be notified.

You can specify the order in which user roles appear in drop-down lists. You may want to do this to place the most frequently-used roles (for example 'Planner') at the top of lists, and the least frequently-used roles (for example 'Admin') at the bottom. You should check the order of roles each time you create a new role to ensure that the new user role appears in the appropriate position.

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