Configuring programme dashboard settings

You use the Dashboard Options page to configure the information that is displayed in programme dashboard views. You can specify default settings, to be applied to programme dashboard views of all programme types, and specify individual settings for each programme type if required. If you specify settings for a particular programme type, these settings are used in place of your default settings when you view a programme dashboard view of a programme of that type.

A tick appears against any programme types for which specific programme dashboard settings have been configured. In the illustration below, programme dashboard settings have been configured for the 'Contract' programme type, but not for the 'Delivery' or 'Tender 1' programme types:

A tick appears against the 'Contract' programme type, but not against 'Delivery' or 'Tender 1'

To access the Dashboard Options page from the Powerproject Vision Home page, click Admin then click Dashboard Options. Programme dashboard views are not available in Powerproject Vision by default. Please contact Elecosoft to find out more.

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