Configuring programme types

You use the Programme Types page to create, edit and delete programme types, which define the different categories of programme that you work with. The programme types are displayed in a list. If you have a large number of programme types, the list spans more than one page and you can move between the different pages to view all your programme types. You can also filter and sort the programme types in the list and change the width of columns in the list.

To access the Programme Types page from the Powerproject Vision Home page, click Admin then click Programme types.

Each project in Powerproject Vision is associated with one or more programmes. You should create a programme type for each different type of programme that you work with. For example, if you work with two different types of programme - 'Contract' and 'Delivery', both progressed in parallel but with the 'Contract' programme containing a lesser level of detail than the 'Delivery' programme - you should create one programme type for each.

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