Working with user-defined fields

You use the User Defined Fields pages to define your own fields, to be used at project, programme or user level, to store whatever information you like.

There are three different User Defined Fields pages - one for configuring project-level user-defined fields, one for configuring programme-level user-defined fields and one for configuring user-level user-defined fields. The user-defined fields on each page are displayed in a list. You can filter and sort the user-defined fields in the list and change the width of columns in the list.

To access a User Defined Fields page from the Powerproject Vision Home page, click Admin then click Project UDFs, Programme UDFs or User UDFs, depending on the level of user-defined field that you want to work with.

Project and programme-level user-defined fields appear on the Project page - the page you use to create or edit projects and their programmes. User-level user-defined fields appear on the Create User and Edit User pages - the pages you use to create or edit users. You can specify the order in which user-defined fields appear on these pages. You should check the order of user-defined fields each time you create a new field to ensure that the new user-defined field appears in the appropriate position.

You can create fields of the following types:

  • Integer - a field for whole numbers.
  • String - a text box, for example a name or comment field. You can configure a pre-defined format for String-type user-defined fields, which may be useful if you are using the field to record a code that must follow a particular format.
  • Float - a field for decimal numbers.
  • Date - a date/time field, to record a date or time.
  • Enumeration - a field containing a user-defined enumeration - a list of values that is grouped under a given name.
  • URL - a field in which you can enter hyperlinks to external documents, either as path and file names or as URL links to webpages on the internet or an intranet.
  • User - a field in which you can select a Powerproject Vision user. A Select User button appears to the right of this type of user-defined field, leading to a popup in which you can select a specific user.

Once you have created a user-defined field, you can use it to store project, programme or user-level information and to control security, workflow and email rules.

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