Checking out programmes

If you want to work with a programme in Powerproject, edit it and save your changes, you should check it out. Once you have checked out a programme, you can open it in Powerproject. When you have finished editing the programme, you should check it in again. Only one user can check out a programme at any one time. You normally use Powerproject to check out programmes, but you can also check out programmes using the Powerproject Vision website, as described below.

If Powerproject Vision is configured to work in Powerproject Managed Baselines mode, if a programme is not in progress and if a baseline of the programme is available, it is checked out along with the programme automatically.

If you want to view a programme in detail without making any changes to it, do not check it out; download a copy of the programme to your computer instead.

Downloading a programme differs from checking out a programme as follows:

Downloading Checking out
Other users are able to check out the programme and make changes to it. Other users are unable to check out the programme until you have checked it in.
You cannot upload any changes that you make to the programme. Any changes that you make to the programme are uploaded when you check in the programme.

If you have applied a quality check to a programme type, it is not possible to check programmes of that type in or out using the Powerproject Vision website; you must check them in and out using Powerproject.

To check out a programme:

  1. From the Powerproject Vision Home page, click Projects. The Projects page appears.
  2. Click the name of the project whose programme you want to check out. The Project page appears.
  3. Click the appropriate programme type hyperlink at the top of the page to view the tab of the programme you want to check out.
  4. Click Check Out on the programme's tab. The programme is checked out and its status changes to 'Checked Out';. If you are checking out the programme only, the programme's PP file is downloaded to your computer; if you are checking out the programme and a baseline, a zip file containing both programme and baseline are downloaded to your computer, with the baseline appearing as an imported baseline in the programme.

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