Viewing your portfolio as a bar chart

You use the Portfolio Overview page to view your Asta Vision projects and programmes in the form of a Gantt chart - a bar chart that illustrates a project, or projects, graphically.

To access the Portfolio Overview page from the Asta Vision Home page, click Projects, then click Three red horizontal bars, stacked vertically.

The bar chart displays each project and programme on its own row, with a spreadsheet displaying project and programme information. The spreadsheet displays the name, start and finish date and duration of each project and programme, plus the same columns that are displayed on the Projects page.

Projects are displayed like this: a bar with downwards-pointing projections at each end; programmes are displayed like this: a rectangular bar. The colour of each project and programme indicates its current status:

  • Grey - 'Checked out'.
  • Orange - 'Submitted' or 'Awaiting Approval'.
  • Green - All other statuses.

A red, dotted progress line, with the report date set to the current date, appears in the bar chart. The distributed percentage complete of each programme is displayed as a black progress bar; progress is displayed on each project as the average of the progress dates for each of the project's programmes:

A red, dotted progress line and progress displayed in the bar chart

If a project-level user-defined field has been selected in the Project Hierarchy UDF field, on the Project Hierarchy page, a summary task is displayed in the bar chart for each value in the selected user-defined field, and projects are grouped according to what has been selected in the user-defined field for each project. For example, if you select a user-defined field that is used to specify the geographical location of each project, a summary task is displayed for each location and the projects that take place in that location are grouped beneath the summary task:

The hierarchy of a 'location' user-defined field, displayed on the Portfolio Overview page

You can expand and contract the hierarchy of the selected user-defined field in the same way you expand and contract the project and programme hierarchy.

Depending on your access rights, you may not be able to carry out all of the actions described below.

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