Viewing a programme as a bar chart

You use the Project View page to view your Powerproject Vision programmes in the form of a Gantt chart - a bar chart that illustrates a project, or projects, graphically.

To display a bar chart view of a programme from the Powerproject Vision Home page:

  1. Click Projects. The Projects page appears.
  2. Click the name of the project you want to view. The Project page appears
  3. Click View, then click the name of the programme in which you are interested.

The bar chart displays each task on its own row, with a spreadsheet displaying - by default - the name, start and finish date and duration of each task. If a bar contains more than one task in Powerproject, that bar's tasks are displayed on the same row in the Powerproject Vision bar chart. The programme hierarchy is colour-coded to indicate the different hierarchy levels. A red, dotted progress line appears in the bar chart, representing the report date of the latest progress period in the programme. The duration percentage complete of each task is displayed as a black progress bar:

A red, dotted progress line and progress displayed in the bar chart

Click Back to Details to return to the Project page when you have finished viewing the programme as a bar chart.

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