Recording comments against programmes

You use the Programme Comment page to record comments against programmes and - if Powerproject Vision has been configured to allow this - to attach files to comments. You can attach any type of file that users who can access a specific programme may need access.

To access the Programme Comment page from the Powerproject Vision Home page, click Projects, click the name of the project against whose programme you want to record a comment, then click Add Comment on the tab corresponding to the programme.

To record a comment against a programme:

  1. From the Powerproject Vision Home page, click Projects. The Projects page appears.
  2. Click the name of the project against whose programme you want to record a comment. The Project page appears.
  3. Click the tab that corresponds to the programme against which you want to comment.
  4. Click Add Comment. The Programme Comment page appears.
  5. Enter the comment in the field on this page.
  6. Powerproject Vision may have been configured to allow you to attach files to comments. If it has, a Browse button appears on the Programme Comment page. If you want to attach a file to the comment, click Browse. The Open dialog appears.
  7. Browse for the file that you want to attach to the comment then click Open. You return to the Programme Comment page.
  8. If you want the user who deals with the comment to indicate when the comment has been incorporated into the programme - or that it has been dealt with in some other day - select the Display completion check box check box. For example, if you record a comment to ask a planner to revise part of a programme, you may want the planner to indicate when the programme has been revised.

    If you select this check box, a Completed column appears on the Programme Comments page, and users can select the check boxes in this column to indicate that they have incorporated a comment into the programme. 'Completed' check boxes also appear against comments on the Project Revisions and Manage Revisions pages.
  9. Click OK. The Programme Comments page appears, with the new comment added to the list of comments that have been recorded against the programme.

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