Displaying a programme dashboard view

You can display a dashboard view of a programme, which provides you with a quick indication of how the programme is progressing without the need to use an external reporting package.

To display a dashboard view of a programme from the Powerproject Vision Home page:

  1. Click Projects. The Projects page appears.
  2. Click the name of the project you want to view. The Project page appears.
  3. Click Dashboard, then click the name of the programme in which you are interested.

Programme dashboard views are not available in Powerproject Vision by default. Please contact Elecosoft to find out more.

The programme dashboard view comprises the following elements:

To maximise an element of the programme dashboard view so that it takes up the full window, click Maximise at the top-right of the individual element. To restore the full programme dashboard view after having maximised an element, click the maximised element then click Restore at the top-right of the maximised element.

You can export the entire dashboard or a specific element of the dashboard, in PDF or Microsoft Excel format, or as an image. You may want to do this to access the information using another application. For example, you may want to incorporate programme dashboard information in a report.

Click Back to Details to return to the Project page when you have finished viewing the programme dashboard view.

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