Locating IFC files that cannot be found

In some circumstances, Powerproject BIM may not be able to locate an IFC file that you are working with. For example, this may happen if the IFC file has been deleted accidentally, or if the project or IFC file has been moved to a different location. If this is the case, a message is displayed to inform you that the IFC file may have been deleted.

Once you have located the missing IFC file, you must re-associate the IFC file with its corresponding IFC model Library Explorer object.

To re-associate an IFC file with its IFC model object:

  1. Launch Library Explorer and click IFC Model in the left pane.
  2. Right-click the IFC model that corresponds to the IFC file that was missing in the right pane of Library Explorer and select Properties from the menu that appears. The IFC Model Properties dialog appears.
  3. Click Find Missing Model. The Select IFC dialog appears.
  4. Select the IFC file that you want to re-associate with the IFC model - this may be either a locally-stored IFC file, or one that is stored in the Elecosoft BIMCloud® - and click OK.

You must be sure that you are associating the correct IFC file with the IFC model: if you associate the wrong IFC file with an IFC model, your IFC product searches and IFC product selections will not work correctly.

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