Using variable dates such as 'Today' or 'Tomorrow'

A number of date fields throughout Powerproject allow you to specify variable dates, rather than specific dates such as 09/01/2017. Examples of variable dates that you can specify are 'Today', 'Month start' and 'Year end'. These dates are converted into actual dates each time you open a project, and the date with which they correspond will change according to the current date. For example, if you open a project on 09/01/2017, 'Today' will be 09/01/2017, 'Month start' will be 01/01/2017 and 'Year end' will be 31/12/2017.

You can apply offsets to variable dates, using Powerproject's time units - both working and elapsed. For example, you can specify 'Month start+1ew' (the start date of the current month plus one elapsed week) or 'Today-3d' (three working days before today's date).

Examples of where specifying a variable date rather than a specific date might be useful include:

  • Displaying a vertical grid line in the bar chart that always appears on today's date.
  • Shading the current quarter in the bar chart.
  • Setting up multiple horizontal sections in the date zone that always display the current month in a particular scale.
  • Configuring a spreadsheet column to display dated notes that were entered during the previous week.