Transferring data between Powerproject and Primavera software

You can make your Powerproject projects available to Primavera® software users by exporting projects to Primavera software, and you can open projects that have been created in Primavera software by importing them into Powerproject. This enables you to share project information with colleagues who have access to Primavera software but do not have access to Powerproject.

You can use Powerproject to export projects to and import projects from Primavera software in XML and XER format.

There are advantages and disadvantages of using XML and XER format to transfer data between Powerproject and Primavera software. A key advantage of using XML format is that any baselines are included in the import or export; they are not included if you use XER format to transfer data. Another advantage of using XML format is that Unicode character information can be included, which is useful if you use text in a variety of languages in your projects. A key advantage of using XER format is that XER files define the project's currency unit in their header; there is no way of specifying this in XML format, so you have to assume that the base currency in the Primavera database is the same as the default currency unit in the project you are importing or exporting.

If you want to export a project so that it can be opened in Primavera Cloud - which uses a different data format to Primavera P6 - you must export the project in XML format and select the Oracle Primavera Cloud check box when exporting.

You can also use Powerproject to import projects from Primavera SureTrak®; however, you cannot export files into Primavera SureTrak format.

Variations between Powerproject and Primavera-compatible file formats

Due to the limitations of the Primavera-compatible file formats, some of the information from your Powerproject projects may be lost if you export them into these formats. Similarly, some of the information in a Primavera project may be modified or lost when you import it into Powerproject. For this reason, once you have imported a Primavera project into Powerproject, you are advised to save it subsequently in Powerproject's file format - as a PP file - to avoid losing information that is not supported by the original file format.

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