Importing projects from Primavera software

You can import projects that have been saved in XML or XER format in Primavera® software, or in STX or DIR format in Primavera SureTrak®

When importing an XML or XER file, you use the Primavera XML & XER Import Options dialog to specify which calendar has been applied to link lags in the project you are importing into Powerproject: the predecessor task's calendar, the successor task's calendar, or a standard 24 hour calendar. This is defined in Primavera software as a global setting in the Advanced Scheduling Options dialog. You must specify the correct calendar when importing a project, as if you specify a different calendar the project will not be imported correctly. If you are not sure which calendar to choose, cancel the import, open the project in Primavera software to check the setting, then import the project once you are sure.

When importing a Primavera SureTrak file, you use this dialog to specify which units of measurement in the project you are importing relate to permanent resources and which relate to costs. Resources in Primavera SureTrak are not categorised as 'permanent', 'consumable' or 'cost', so you need to specify which units of measurement are used for permanent resources and costs to enable Powerproject to divide the resources appropriately during the import process (any resources that use a unit of measurement that you do not specify in this dialog are imported as consumable resources). You must enter all of the units of measurement that are in use by permanent resources and costs in the Primavera SureTrak project - including any variations such as ‘foot’, ‘feet’, ‘ft’ and ‘ft.’ - to ensure that Powerproject is able to categorise all resources correctly.

You also use this dialog to specify which template - if any - to apply to the project you are importing into Powerproject. You may wish to apply a template to the project in order to ensure that when the project opens in Powerproject, it is presented in a familiar way to you - for example, with a particular set of fields displayed in the spreadsheet columns. A small number of templates are provided with Powerproject, but you can create additional templates of your own as required.

Note that due to differences between file formats, some of the information in a Primavera project may be modified or lost when you import it into Powerproject.

Once you have imported a Primavera file into Powerproject, you are advised to save the project subsequently in Powerproject's file format - as a PP file - to avoid losing information that is not supported by Primavera's file formats.

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