Properties view

The properties view appears in the lower portion of the screen. It is divided into a number of tabs, each of which displays a different type of information about the selected task or bar. You can use the properties view to view and edit information about the currently-selected bar or task. You can use the Links tab of the properties view to chase link logic in a project, moving along the various paths of linked predecessor and successor tasks, with the bar chart view updating itself automatically as you move from one link to another.

As an alternative to closing the properties view completely, you can minimise it. Minimising the properties view enables you to move it out of the way so that it does not obscure the bar chart, then redisplay it instantly whenever you want to view the properties of an item. To minimise the properties view, click the downwards-pointing pin button in the properties view title bar. The properties view is reduced to a thin tabbed bar at the bottom of the screen. To redisplay the properties view, move the mouse pointer over the tab that represents the properties view at the bottom of the screen. The properties view reappears, until you move the mouse pointer away from it, at which point it is minimised again. To reopen the properties view fully once it has been minimised, stopping it from minimising itself automatically, click the left-pointing pin button in the properties view title bar.

You can toggle the properties view on and off by clicking Toggle Properties View on the status bar. You can also turn the properties view off by clicking the Close button in the properties view title bar.

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