Project view

The project view provides a view onto the entire project. Using the project view, you can:

  • Navigate from one chart to another and open chartsin new windows.
  • Navigate from one project to another within a portfolio of projects.
  • Switch between the different hierarchical views (natural order, RBS and CBS).
  • Rearrange charts in the project hierarchy.
  • Drag resources, costs, codes, calendars and progress periods from the project view, then drop them onto tasks in the bar chart.
  • Drag milestone appearances from the project view, then drop them onto milestones and allocations in the bar chart.
  • Drag task pools - or subcharts or summary groups within task pools - from the project view, then drop them into the bar chart or into the project hierarchy to create networks of tasks based on the task pools.
  • Highlight bars that contain summary and expanded tasks by applying a specific background colour and font to them.
  • Specify the default calendar and codes that you want to apply to new tasks by default, the codes that you want to apply to new bars by default and the milestone appearances that you want to apply to new start and finish milestones by default.
  • Specify the progress period to use as the progress entry period - ie the progress period that is used by default when marking progress.
  • Specify one or more code libraries to display in the bar chart.

The project view is the left-most pane in the bar chart window. You can drag the spreadsheet or bar chart over the project view to change the amount that is visible.

You can specify the font in which the project view is displayed. To do this, right-click a blank area of the project view and select Font from the menu that is displayed. The Select Font dialog appears, which you can use to specify the font, style and colour of the text in the project view.

You can toggle the project view on and off by clicking Project View, either on the status bar or in the Show/Hide group on the Format tab.

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