Bar chart

The bar chart is where you draw and link tasks to create your project plans. You could think of the bar chart as a piece of paper on which you draw tasks and link them together.

When the bar chart is larger than the area shown in the bar chart window, scroll bars appear along the bottom and right-hand edges of the window. Use the scroll bars to bring different areas of the window into view.

You can change the width of the bar chart to make it wider or narrower. To do this, drag the vertical divider bar that separates the bar chart from the spreadsheet or the project view.

Each Powerproject project comprises one or more charts. Each chart:

  • Has a time scale across the chart, so you that can see the time plan of the project.
  • Has a series of numbered bars or rows down the chart. Each bar can contain one or more tasks.
  • Is displayed within a window. The whole chart can be larger than the window and you can move around it using the scroll bars.

Once you have arranged the bar chart exactly as you want it, you can save it as a view so that when you next work on the same area of the project, it is displayed exactly as it was before.

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