A field is a string that refers to a piece of project data such as task name, task start date or task cost. Fields can be displayed in spreadsheet columns and in text annotations. When you insert a field, the field is replaced with the appropriate project information. For example, a field relating to the name of a task will be replaced with the task name if it is displayed in a spreadsheet column.

Fields are split into a number of categories:

If you use Powerproject BIM, an additional "IFC" category is available. Refer to the Powerproject BIM Help for more information.

If you have created any user-defined fields for the project, you can display each user-defined field in a spreadsheet column or text annotation. If you have created any user-defined tables for the project, you can use fields from each table in the same way.

If you use borders to make your printing output more attractive, you can insert a number of special fields into your borders, in order to display project information in them. For information on these special border fields, refer to Powerdraw online Help.

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