Checking out programmes from Powerproject Vision

If you want to work with a Powerproject Vision programme in Powerproject, edit it and save your changes, you should check it out. When you check out a programme, it is downloaded to your computer and opens in Powerproject. When you have finished editing the programme, you should check it in again. Only one user can check out a programme at any one time. If you use Powerproject Enterprise, you can check out programmes to a Powerproject Enterprise server, rather than to your computer. If you do this, programmes become available for more than one user to work on.

If Powerproject Vision is configured to work in 'Powerproject Managed Baselines' mode, if a baseline of a programme is available, it is checked out along with the programme automatically.

If a quality check has been applied to a programme type in Powerproject Vision, the quality check is downloaded automatically when you download or check out a programme of that type. It appears in Library Explorer's Quality Check library as a quality check called "Vision Quality Check", with an object ID of 999. You can execute this quality check at any time when a programme is downloaded or checked out, but you cannot delete or edit the quality check from the programme in Powerproject; its quality metrics and 'pass' and 'fail' percentages are derived from the quality check settings in Powerproject Vision.

If you want to view a programme in detail without making any changes to it, do not check it out; download a copy of the programme to your computer instead.

Once you have checked out a Powerproject Vision programme and opened it in Powerproject, the following additional commands appear in a Vision group on the Home tab of the Ribbon and in the Backstage view:

Command Use this command to
Check-In Check in the active programme to Powerproject Vision, uploading any changes that you have made to the programme and changing its status to Checked In.
Cancel Check-Out Cancel the checking out of the active programme from Powerproject Vision. Cancelling a programme check out changes the status of the checked out programme to Checked In and makes it available for editing to other users.
Submit Check in and submit the active programme to Powerproject Vision, uploading any changes that you have made to the programme and changing its status to Submitted.
Add Comment Record a comment against the active programme and - if Powerproject Vision has been configured to allow this - attach files to the comment.

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