Working with fixed task sets

In some cases, you may want a user of a project to be able to move around the project hierarchy and move charts (expanded tasks) around the hierarchy, from one place to another, without letting them change the objects inside the chart.

You can do this by editing the access rights of the security group to which a user belongs and denying the members of the security group deletion and modification rights for a chart, but enabling them to move the chart. The chart then becomes a fixed task set, that is a chart or subchart that a user is able to move around the project hierarchy, but is not able to edit. As access rights are hierarchical, if you make one chart a fixed task set, its subcharts become fixed task sets too, unless you specify different access rights for them individually.

As access rights are defined individually for each security group, a chart can be a fixed task set for the members of one security group, but a normal, editable chart for the members of another security group.

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