Opening windows onto a project

You can open multiple windows onto the same project. This is useful if your project is large and you want to view different areas of it at the same time; each window can provide a view onto a different part of the project.

To open another window onto the active project, on the View tab, in the Views group, click the View dropdown and select the required view. Another window opens, in a new tab - or in a new window, if you have configured Powerproject to display views in distinct windows rather than in tabs.

You can scroll the bar chart window to bring a different area of the programme chart into view, or you can view a subchart or summary group by selecting it from the project view, or by opening a summary task or expanded task in the programme chart.

You can save a view for later use. For example, if you arrange a window to display a particular subset of a project, sorted in a particular order with some specific display options, you can save the view so that when you next want to work on the same information you can reopen the view.

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