Opening a project

When you open a project, one or more views open onto it. Each view opens in a tab - or in a window, if you have configured Powerproject to display views in distinct windows rather than in tabs. The project name (and the group project name if appropriate) is displayed in the title bar of the program window. If you opened the project in workgroup mode, the name of the workgroup is displayed in brackets before the project title. The bar chart window displays the bar chart and spreadsheet panes, and may also display the project view and properties view.

If you open a project that requires you to log in, the Logon dialog is displayed for you to log onto the chosen server, or using your chosen user name.

What to do if a project fails to open

The File Open Error dialog appears if you try to open a project that cannot be opened for some reason. The dialog displays the reason why the project cannot be opened, and provides you with access to any backup versions of the project that exist. The following types of backup may be available:

  • The primary backup. This is a backed-up version of the project, backed up from the folder from which you attempted to open the project. Backup files are located in whichever folder is specified against 'Backup Files', on the File Locations tab of the Options dialog.
  • Alternative backups. These alternatives are backups of versions of the project that existed in folders other than the one from which you attempted to open the project, or backups of the project that were created in versions of Powerproject earlier than version 16, which exist in the same folder as the project. If more than one alternative backup exists, each one is listed. You might want to access an alternative backup if the project you are trying to open has been moved between folders and opened in different locations.

If a project cannot be opened, you can use one of its backups in place of the main project.

To use a backup file in place of a project that cannot be opened:

  1. If a primary backup file is available, select the Include possible alternatives check box to view details of any alternative backups. Alternative backups might be of use if it is not possible to open the primary backup for some reason.
  2. Select the backup file that you want to use in place of the project that cannot be opened.
  3. Click Recover File. Powerproject attempts to open the selected file. If the file opens, the Save As dialog appears, prompting you to save the file with a similar name.
  4. Save the file in a location of your choice, with a suitable file name. You can now start using this file in place of the original project.

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