Applying a template when importing from Microsoft Project or Primavera software

When you import Microsoft® Project and Primavera® projects into Powerproject, you can apply a template to the project you are importing. You may wish to apply a template to the project in order to ensure that when the project opens in Powerproject, it is presented in a familiar way to you - for example, with a particular set of fields displayed in the spreadsheet columns.

A small number of templates are provided with Powerproject, but you can create additional templates of your own as required.

To create a template for use when importing projects:

  1. Create a new project in Powerproject.
  2. Set up one or more views in the project and configure them to display information in the way that you want the projects that you import to appear. For example, you may want to set up a number of views that display particular fields in the spreadsheet columns and in which the bar chart is formatted in a particular way.
  3. You may also want to set up items within Library Explorer in the template; if you do, these become part of any imported projects to which the template has been applied.
  4. Save the project in the folder that is specified in the Template project path on the File Locations tab of the Options dialog.

To apply a template to a project as you import it, select the template in the Use template field on the dialog that appears during the import process. If you do not apply a template to a project when you import it, the project opens with a default bar chart view that contains a standard set of spreadsheet columns.

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