Creating tasks in the spreadsheet

Depending on your default options, you may be able to create a task by entering a value into a bar or task attribute column in the spreadsheet, such as Name or Duration. For example, if you type a bar name into an empty bar, a task with the default duration is drawn on the bar.

To specify whether you want Powerproject to create tasks when you type in the spreadsheet:

  1. Click the File tab, then click Options. The Options dialog appears.
  2. Click the Edit tab.
  3. Against the When inserting by spreadsheet option, select the Create task radio button if you want a task to be created when you type in the spreadsheet, or select the Create subheading radio button if you want a subheading to be created. A subheading is a bar with a name, but with no tasks.

When creating tasks by entering details into the spreadsheet, note that if you enter a value in the Duration column, the new bar or task takes the duration that you specify; otherwise it takes the default task duration.

You can specify whether you want the name of the bar applied automatically to new tasks that you create on the bar, or whether you want new tasks to be created without a name.

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