Changing the duration of tasks

There are several ways to change the durations of tasks, including entering the new duration into the spreadsheet or the Object Edit toolbar, or dragging the start or finish of a task in the bar chart.

To change a task's duration by dragging its start or finish date in the bar chart:

  1. Move the mouse pointer over the start or finish of the task until the left duration or right duration cursor appears.
  2. Hold down the mouse button and drag the pointer left or right. If you drag the task start, by default you will change its start date as well as its duration; if you drag the task finish, by default you will change its finish date as well as its duration. As you drag, a popup box displays the task start date, finish date and duration.
  3. Release the mouse button when the task is the required duration.

If you reduce a task's duration as far as possible, the task becomes a milestone, which is a task with a duration of zero. If you accidentally change a task into a milestone, you can change the milestone back into a task by dragging one end of the milestone to increase its duration from zero, or by right-clicking the milestone and selecting Make Into - Task.

Another way of changing a task's duration is to select the task, then click the Move start date left, Move start date right, Move finish date left and Move finish date right buttons in the Object Edit toolbar. Each click moves the task's start or finish date in the chosen direction by one snapping time unit.

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