Shading the bar chart between two dates

You can specify one or more ranges of dates between which you want to shade the bar chart. You may want to shade the bar chart between a range of dates for a variety of reasons - for example, to highlight crucial periods in a project. This date range shading is completely separate to the non-working time shading that may appear on the bar chart.

You can shade the bar chart between more than one range of dates and apply a different style of shading to each date range shading selection. If one range of dates overlaps with another, the shading is drawn on the bar chart in the order in which the date range shading selections appear in the dialog, so the shading of the first date range will be overlaid by the shading of any date range below that overlaps.

You can specify that the bar chart shading starts and ends on a variable date - for example 'Today', 'Month start' and 'Year end' - rather than on a specific date. You might want to do this in order to set up bar chart shading that always shades the current month or the current quarter.

You can copy date range shading selections from one view to another - in the same project, or in a different project if required. Copying shading selections between views enables you to set up shading selections in one view and apply them to other views easily.

To shade the bar chart between two dates:

  1. On the Format tab, in the Format group, click Date Zone. The Date Zone Properties dialog appears.
  2. Click the Shading tab.
  3. Each row on this tab relates to a range of dates between which the bar chart is shaded. You can add, remove and change the drawing order of shading selections using the Add, Remove, Up and Down buttons.

To remove a date range shading selection from the bar chart temporarily, clear its Enabled check box. You can redisplay a shading selection that is currently disabled by reselecting its Enabled check box.

You can display date range shading in the date zone as well as in the bar chart. To do this, select the Display date shading check box on the General tab of the Date Zone Properties dialog. To display date range shading in the bar chart only, clear the Display date shading check box. If the Display progress shading check box is selected, date range shading is not displayed in the date zone and this check box is ghosted, as progress shading takes preference over date range shading.

You can turn the display of vertical shading on and off instantly using a display switch.

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