Setting task display options

You use the Tasks tab of the Format Bar Chart dialog to specify the way in which you want tasks to appear in the bar chart. Tasks can be coloured in the following ways:

  • According to the codes that are assigned to the bars on which tasks are located.

  • According to the codes that are assigned to tasks.

  • According to the appearance of the lead resource that is assigned to them.

  • According to the type of task.

Select the bar or task information you want to display in the bar chart, and the position in which to display it, in the Task data display group. The task data display information you specify here is also displayed in CBS and RBS views; in CBS and RBS views, the information displayed for each resource allocation is derived from the corresponding task. Click Change font to specify the font in which to display the information. The font settings you specify here are also applied to the lead/lag annotations that appear next to links with lead/lag time.

If you allow the tasks on one or more bars to overlap, you can configure a number of settings that define how the overlapping tasks appear. Click Settings to access a dialog that enables you to do this.

Note that if the current view is displayed in 'jagged progress' mode, the fields on this tab apply to the tasks from the current baseline, or from individual project baselines if 'jagged progress' mode is configured to show progress on them, rather than the live tasks.

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