Turning elements of the display on and off

You can turn a number of elements of the display on and off instantly using display switches. You may want to turn specific elements of the display off momentarily before redisplaying them for a variety of reasons. For example, you may want to turn off the display of links, float, or of the critical path before printing a project, to keep this potentially sensitive information from certain people who may see the printout.

Use the following display switches to turn elements of the display on and off:

To turn this on and off Press
Free float ALT + SHIFT + F
Total float ALT + SHIFT + T
Critical path ALT + SHIFT + C
Progress lines ALT + SHIFT + S
Progress shading ALT + SHIFT + P
Non-driving links ALT + SHIFT + K
All links ALT + SHIFT + L
Constraints ALT + SHIFT + Q
Annotations ALT + SHIFT + N
Baselines ALT + SHIFT + B
Demand allocations ALT + SHIFT + D
Scheduled allocations ALT + SHIFT + A
Cost allocations ALT + SHIFT + O
Empty RBS/CBS lines ALT + SHIFT + E
RBS/CBS summary tasks ALT + SHIFT + X
Grid lines ALT + SHIFT + G
Ruling lines ALT + SHIFT + R
Date zone ALT + SHIFT + Z
Non-working display ALT + SHIFT + H
Standard work shading ALT + SHIFT + W
Vertical shading ALT + SHIFT + V

As well as accessing these display switches using the keyboard shortcuts listed above, you can access the display switches on the Show/Hide group on the Format tab.

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