WBN task ID Numbering

You can number tasks in a project uniquely to identify their position in the hierarchy of charts and summary groups. This is known as task ID (WBN) numbering. You can generate task ID (WBN) codes for tasks in a Powerproject project.

You may be required to use task ID (WBN) codes rather than bar or task names to conform to a particular company style. Some companies prefer to use task ID (WBN) codes because they can be unique within the whole project, whereas bar and task names might not be. You can also filter on task ID (WBN) codes which makes them a useful search mechanism.

If you add tasks to a booked-out destination project and are using task ID (WBN) codes to number your tasks, tasks in the destination project may be assigned task ID (WBN) numbers that are also used in the master project. If so, these tasks will clash when you book the destination project back into the master project. To avoid this, you can disable task ID (WBN) numbering in the destination project while it is booked out.

If you copy bars and tasks from one project to another, task ID (WBN) numbers are maintained in the copied tasks, unless any of the numbers conflict with those in the destination project.

WBN task ID numbering used to be used in Powerproject to code tasks in a kind of work breakdown structure (WBS). If your intention is to set up a proper work breakdown structure in a project, it is advisable to use Powerproject's work breakdown structure functionality rather than WBN task ID numbering.

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