Unique task ID numbering

Powerproject generates a unique identification number for each task in a project. The ID, which is created automatically each time you create a task, is a combination of an alphanumerical prefix string, which you can define, and a number. As each new task is created within a project, the number is incremented by an amount that you can specify. You can specify a minimum number of digits for the task ID if you wish. If you do this, Powerproject pads out smaller IDs with zeros to bring them up to the minimum width. You can use unique task IDs as a way of identifying the tasks within your project.

You can specify whether the IDs are unique within the whole project, within a sub-project, or are not unique at all. You can edit the unique task IDs once Powerproject has assigned them to tasks, but you can only change them to another unique ID. You can renumber the unique task IDs of the tasks within the current view, or of a selection of tasks. You may want to do this if you have created a series of tasks in a sequence other than the order in which they are to take place and you want to renumber the unique task IDs so that they reflect the order in which the tasks are to be carried out or the order in which they appear on the bar chart. You can also change the unique task IDs of a series of tasks by searching for an alphanumeric string within their unique task IDs and replacing it with an alternative string.

If you copy bars and tasks from one project to another, unique task IDs are maintained in the copied tasks, unless any of the IDs conflict with IDs in the destination project.

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