When you create a new project or open an existing project, you can choose to work on that project from within a workgroup rather than as an individual user.

When using Powerproject in a workgrouping environment, members of a workgroup share locks onto objects. When a user begins an edit, all objects being edited are locked to the user. When the user has finished their edits, the objects remain locked to the workgroup so that other users within the same workgroup can edit the same objects; it is as if members of the same workgroup are sharing the same computer.

Since members of a workgroup are working together, when any member of the workgroup saves the project, all the edits made by the entire workgroup are saved. Similarly, any member of the workgroup can undo actions performed by any other member of the same workgroup. The undo list shows the name of the user who performed each action.

To leave a workgroup and edit the project as an individual user, you must close the project and reopen it without specifying a workgroup name.

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