Powerproject security

You can control access to a project using a combination of security groups, users, access rights and passwords.

You set up security groups and users in Library Explorer. Each project has a top-level security group and a top-level user which are both called Admin by default. Each security group name and user name within a project must be unique. Each user must be a member of a security group, which defines the user's access rights to the project.

When creating a security group you specify the access rights of the users that are members of the security group. Access rights allow you to restrict the user to only part of a project and to restrict the edits they can carry out within that part.

Each user can password-protect their access to a project, so that only someone who knows both the username and that username's password can open the project. If a user does not set a password, anyone who knows that user's username will be able to log onto the project.

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