Linking objects to external documents

You can link objects in projects, for example tasks and resources, to external documents, or to webpages on the internet or an intranet. For example, you could link individual tasks to documents stored on your network that give more information on the task to be carried out, or you could link permanent resources to documents containing their CVs. You do this by entering hyperlinks to external documents into 'URL'-type user-defined fields.

In the case of projects that are stored in a data source on the server, your System Administrator must first create the 'URL'-type user-defined fields within Server Admin, which is supplied with Powerproject Enterprise. Alternatively, your System Administrator may add such a field to a user-defined table. Refer to Server Admin Help for details of creating user-defined fields in Server Admin.

In the case of local projects (.PP files), you use the User Field Manager dialog in the Powerproject client to create the 'URL'-type user-defined fields in which to enter hyperlinks.

Once you or your System Administrator have created a 'URL'-type user-defined field, you can enter a hyperlink into it in the spreadsheet, in an annotation, in Library Explorer or in the User Fields tab of the object's Properties dialog (or the appropriate user-defined table tab, if the field has been added to a user-defined table).

You can enter links to documents into 'URL'-type user-defined fields in the following ways:

  • As path and file names to documents in a specific location on the network, for example T:\Documents\Task49.XLS. In order for such links to work, all client PCs that can access the project must have the appropriate drive mappings set up.
  • As references to webpages on the internet or an intranet, for example http:\\\documents\task49.htm.

Once a link has been entered into the field, ALT-click the hyperlink to open the document it refers to.

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