Creating user-defined fields for your own use

A Powerproject project that is saved in Powerproject's .PP format is essentially a database. You can add your own user-defined fields to tables in the database. For example, you might want to add fields for country codes or national insurance numbers.

User-defined fields are particularly useful when combined with OLE automation. For example, you might want to integrate a stock control system with Powerproject and have part numbers from the stock control system stored in your project with resource properties. To do this, you could write a macro invoking OLE functions to read the part numbers from the stock control system and write them into your Powerproject project once the user-defined field has been set up.

Macros are not available in Powerproject SaaS.

You can use user-defined fields to link objects, for example tasks and resources, to external documents. You do this by creating 'URL'-type user-defined fields. You can then enter hyperlinks to external documents, or to webpages on the internet or an intranet, into these fields in your projects.

To create user-defined fields for local projects (.PP files), you use the User Field Manager dialog in the Powerproject client.

To create user-defined fields for projects that are stored in a data source on the server, use Server Admin, which is supplied with Powerproject Enterprise. Refer to Server Admin Help for details of creating user-defined fields in Server Admin.

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