Inserting fields into text annotations

A field is a string which refers to a piece of project data such as task name, task start date or task cost. When you insert a field into a text annotation, the field is replaced with the appropriate information. For example the duration field #Duration# would be replaced by the actual task duration such as '10d'.

To insert a field into a text annotation:

  1. Create a new text annotation or double-click an existing annotation, then position the text insertion bar where you want to insert the field.
  2. Right-click and use the submenus to select the field that you want to insert. Once you have selected a field, the Object Chooser dialog appears. You can use this dialog to select a project or baseline, chart, bar or task other than the current one, if you want the field to refer to something else.
  3. If you want the field to refer to a project or baseline, chart, bar or task other than the current one, specify the item to which the field should refer:
    • Select the project or a baseline from the Data field. The current baseline is the baseline marked as current in the Baseline/What If Manager.
    • To select a chart other than the current chart, clear the Use current chart check box then select the chart you want from the chart hierarchy that is enabled in the panel below.
    • Use the Bar, Task, Allocation and Completed section fields to select the bar, task, allocation or completed section to which you want the field to apply. These are set to the current object by default.

      Depending on the field you are inserting, there may be some additional parameters for you to choose from.
  4. Click OK to close the dialog and insert the field into the annotation. If you want the field to refer to the current object, do not change any fields on this dialog.

When the annotation is selected, the field name is displayed between hash symbols:

The field appears between hashes

When you deselect the annotation, the field name is replaced by the corresponding project data:

The field name is replaced with project data

When a field displays task information for a task other than the one to which the annotation is attached, the field name is preceded by the unique ID of the task that you specify on the Object Chooser dialog, for example #1467: Task name#.

In addition to inserting fields as described above, you can also type a field directly into a text annotation. You must type the correct field name between # symbols, for example, #Percent complete#, #Start constraint date# and #Work breakdown number#. You could type a task ID directly into an annotation if you want the field to refer to a task other than the current one.

You can copy and paste text from one annotation to another, so once a field has been inserted into one annotation you could copy it to another.

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